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AppleFaux by leadhooves AppleFaux by leadhooves
Rose's OC, Faux, as Applejack...
Deserves an explanation, eh?

here [link]
Okay, it has been a while since I have critiqued anything, but the Deviant Art message thingy said this was wanted, and here ya go.

This is a well done early sketch for either character development, or for a finished piece. The line work is sketchy, but it is a sketch, so that is also good. I like the style of the character, and the attention to details (checks on the shirt, stitching on the pockets, heels on the boots, "Cutie Marks," etc...). I also like the attitude displayed in the character, even at this initial stage, it is easy to tell that she is not that happy about being disturbed.

My largest problem with it is the tail placement, I think this is a fox, or similar creature, and they tend to have large, fluffy tails, but it kind of gets in the way of the hand and legs. You took the time to give the limbs interesting poses, but the tail covers them up a bit, and blocks the object in the left hand. Also it may be due to the tail, but the left leg looks a little off, both perspective and pose wise, and could use some clearing up. Finally I would bring up the right arm more, show the hand, maybe resting on the hip. I know it's a bit cliche of a position, but it will help in portraying the over-all mood of "Annoyance" I am getting from the work (unless she is holding something that you have not rendered yet, and in that case go right ahead.)

This is really well done, and ready for ink, color, and what not, and I would truly enjoy seeing what becomes of it.

Also I didn't mark the "Vision" rating, because I don't get what that means, tell me and I will revise my rating on it. Well never mind I gave you 2.5 because the thing makes me list all of them, but send me a bit of back story, and I will change that (if I am allowed to.)
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